Rejection Isn't The End of The Road For You. I promise.

"You have a great look, but you aren't what we are looking for right now." "Sorry, but we went with someone else." "We regret to inform you..." "Please feel free to apply for us once again!" "No." These are just a few examples of rejection that we have faced. Rejection sucks, but it's a part of life. It shapes us. You either let rejection hold you back, or use it as a motivator to keep trying. In my career, I am constantly facing rejection. ALL THE TIME. People see all the times I book a gig, but they don't see all the times I have been rejected. On a weekly basis, I apply to about 40 castings. If I hear back from 5 of them I am lucky, and that doesn't even guarantee that I get the roles! Wh

To All My Exes: I wish you the best. And I mean it.

No really, I mean it. I genuinely hope that any person that I have been with before has nothing but love and happiness. Now I know all my girls are going to be like, "WeIl, your exes must have made you cry and break your heart right?" And yes, yes they have. Any past relationship that I have been in has either made me cry, get mad, or feel heart broken. And while those bad moments were BAD, do they really have to define how I view those people for the rest of my life? no. People change. People grow. People make mistakes. Does that mean I would ever give any of them another chance? Definitely not. But forgiving the past, and wishing those who once hurt me all the best allows me to move on wit

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