Beyonce & Jay Z On The Run II Tour

On July 30, Mike and I attended the On The Run II Tour. This was my first Beyonce/ Jay Z concert and this was Mike's first concert ever so this event was really special to us. We were fortunate enough to receive transportation to the Lincoln Financial Field, and were given a suite to watch the concert from. The stadium was so clean and very nice. The suite itself was absolutely amazing. Mike and I sat in the first row, and were able to open the windows and put our feet out and relax. The suite also provided us with open bar and food. We DEFINITELY took advantage of that perk the whole night. The halls were filled with fans of all colors and backgrounds. Some wearing a concert tee while other

Howling Woods Farm Mission: To Rid Wolves of the "Big Bad Wolf" Reputation

Ever since my best friends discovered and visited Howling Woods Farm, my mom and I made it a goal to go in the year 2018. We achieved that goal July 26, 2018 for my mom's birthday. Located in Jackson NJ, Howling Woods Farms has a very clear mission: TO EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT TRUTH ON WOLVES. More specifically, according to their official website, Howling Woods Farm's mission is to: 1. provide on-site learning experience to dispel currently held myths about wolves. 2. Provide education and information to general public, governmental officials, and shelter operators for the ultimate benefit of wolves and wolfdogs. 3. Help with rescue and place abandoned or surrendered wolfdogs. (We do not breed

Rosé All Day at Rosé Wine Mansion

Opened July 12th 2018, the Rosé Wine Mansion makes every one of your Rosé dreams come true. Located on 5th Avenue in New York City, you can walk into the different rooms of the mansion, each decorated a different theme related to the rosé being tasted in that vicinity. What is really amazing about the design of this museum is the way each room transports you to all different periods in them and even different parts of the world! Each room educates mansion guests with history, science, and the economics of this magical beverage, according to Rosé Wine Mansion. You begin your tour by visiting a room where you are given your complimentary rosé mansion cup, a rose wine mansion pin, your first t

ChicaGO is a MUST GO!

So as many of my followers know, Mike and I have decided to go on small weekend vacations to major cities every month or two. We decided to do this because we want to travel as much as we can, while we are young and can, but at the same time do things that don't break the bank and make us take off many days of work. For our first trip, we decided to go to Chicago from July 7-9. Why Chicago? Mike and I were inspired to make Chicago our first short trip when his friend went to Chicago not too long ago. He raved about the Chicago deep dish pizza so much that Mike actually ORDERED Chicago Deep Dish pizza FROM CHICAGO and had it delivered to us. As soon as we had our first bite, we knew we had to

Let Tragedy Be Your Inspiration

Finding motivation and inspiration in life is a challenge. We go through phases in our life where we feel stuck. We feel stuck in one place and don’t know how to take that step forward. That feeling of feeling stuck can last for a very short time, or a very long time. Unfortunately, sometimes that spark in us ignites once again after a tragedy takes place. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a tragedy that involves you or people close to you. It would be something we see or sometime we read on the Internet. This occurs more often than one would think because during times of tragedy, we become more “woke.” In this time we are feeling our lowest of lows, and we are looking for a way out, a

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