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A Message to all Women

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

In society, women are expected to look like the supermodels we see on the cover of magazines. We are told to "not cake our face up with makeup" but when seen with no makeup, we are questioned on our hygiene, asked the question, "Are you sick?" or "Are you tired?" As a professional model, I would like to tell you all... don't buy into the BS the entertainment industry tries to sell to you. Models are no different than anyone else. Photoshoots consist of hours of hair and makeup and retouching in between shots. Sometimes, we (The models) get to look at the unedited shots in between changes. When we finally get to see our published work, sometimes we have to take a double take, just to make sure that really is us. My point is, do what makes YOU happy. If you have sensitive skin, and don't want to wear makeup, DON'T WEAR IT. If you love the art of makeup, and love trying new things, WEAR MAKEUP. Don't let someone's irrelevant opinion stop you from doing what makes you happy. WE ALL HAVE WHAT SOCIETY CALLS "FLAWS," BUT OUR "FLAWS" ARE WHAT MAKE US UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL. Here is a picture of me with no makeup and my hair not done. Do I look exactly how I look on my posters? HELL NO. I have crazy wavy hair, I have dark circles and my skin coloring can be blotchy at times. NO ONE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME IN PERSON AS THEY DO IN EDITED PHOTOS. Enjoy life. Enjoy it wearing no makeup, or with all the makeup in the world! It's your life. Live it the way you want. I hope to share my message with girls and women all around the world, to let them know, however you choose to present yourself... ITS OK. EMBRACE IT!

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