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How to Procrastinate Wisely

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Procrastinating is not, and will it ever be, the best option. But, we are all guilty of it. It is human nature to want to put off things we don’t want to do.. Like that fifteen page research paper. BUT if you ARE going to procrastinate, here are some ways you can make that time procrastinating useful.

1. Clean

When I procrastinate, I love cleaning and organizing things. Specifically, I love fixing up my room. Pick things up off the floor, fold or put away laundry, organize your makeup, clean your dirty clothes, vacuum. When you are done completing your tasks, you have made your living area more appealing to your standards and could perhaps give you a more positive vibe that can motivate you to work on that big research project NEXT.

2. Shower

Take a nice long shower or bubble bath. Put on some music, clear your mind, relax and perhaps the comforting feel of the warm/cold water will help inspire some new writing ideas for you. Once you are done, you will see that you are much more energized and in a clearer state of mind to put in some much needed school work… Plus you will smell good.

3. Eat Good

While it is easier to reach for those greasy bag of chips, take that time you are using to procrastinate and come up with a good and healthy food plan. Make yourself a healthy meal or snack. Prepare yourself some brain foods, full of healthy fats, like avocado, or trail mix full of nuts. Sit down, have some water, and eat mindfully. Put good in, get good out. Having a healthy meal is a great way to fuel your body for a late night of cramming.

4. Organize

Organize your purses, wallets, binders, backpacks, even your car! Throw out papers and items you no longer need, and label things to know where things are! Even take time to organize your planner, and make sure you have all your due dates organized as well. Everything will feel so much lighter and everything will be so much easier to access when needed. Use your procrastination time wisely!


We are all tired. Take that procrastination time to give your eyes a rest! Studies show that a 20-minute power-nap increases brain function, productivity levels, and general well-being. Don’t sleep for too long though, or you will be up all night, and really mess up your sleep schedule.


30 minutes of exercise a day can go a long way. It doesn’t matter what you do, run, jog, skip, jump, kick… just get your blood pumping! Thirty minutes of exercise increases your heart beat and keeps you more energized… Use that energy to put towards that research paper!

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