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Rosé All Day at Rosé Wine Mansion

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Opened July 12th 2018, the Rosé Wine Mansion makes every one of your Rosé dreams come true. Located on 5th Avenue in New York City, you can walk into the different rooms of the mansion, each decorated a different theme related to the rosé being tasted in that vicinity.

What is really amazing about the design of this museum is the way each room transports you to all different periods in them and even different parts of the world! Each room educates mansion guests with history, science, and the economics of this magical beverage, according to Rosé Wine Mansion. You begin your tour by visiting a room where you are given your complimentary rosé mansion cup, a rose wine mansion pin, your first tasting of rosé and stickers. These stickers are yours to keep or to place all over the walls of the first room, however you’d like. It was crazy to see how much the walls were filled within the first week of opening. The next room you go into has a really cool office desk and chair with a play telephone and a map, perhaps showing our guests the places we were about to travel. This room is a super cute photo op place.

After that, you are lead to a pink room, where you are given a rosé that you are to follow up with a gummy bear. In that same room are walls that are each scented differently.

Next to that room is a beautiful green garden room where you are given another rosé to taste. The garden-esque wall background is the perfect photo opp spot for bloggers with bright themed instagrams.

The next photo opportunity you HAVE TO VISIT is that purple grape hallway, made of all balloons! Every space of the hallway is lined with balloons, and a really cute spot to take some adorable creative shots. That hallway then leads you to the rosé making station, where you fill in a paper of what type of rosé you’d like the rosé chemist to make for you. (i have to say, my made up rosé drink was AMAZING)

Next, you are led into another rosé tasting that has a beautiful stack of rosé filled glasses, and the walls lined with different bottles of rosé. To the right is by far my favorite room in the whole exhibit: the bubble room. This room is filled with clear beach balls that look like bubbles and you and friends can have a little break and take some cute pics for the gram!

The next tasting room you are led into is a little flower room with a cute little swing and a bathtub full of petals. Super cute and fun!

The room right after was a chandelier room where you can SWING FROM THE CHANDELIER!! Definitely the best Boomerang Worthy room in the exhibit. The next two rooms include a throne with one more tasting, and then you are lead back downstairs to the bar where you can have rosé if you feel like you haven’t had enough!

The vibes are so fun and bright and anyone who loves to wine taste and take photos and learn something new should definitely check this place out! I suggest it to my ladies out there who are in the tri state area and are looking for something new to do with their friends, people who are looking for some cool new content for their Instagram, and for those who are turning 21 this summer and wanna have a fun and unique first time getting a little “legally” buzzed!

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