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Howling Woods Farm Mission: To Rid Wolves of the "Big Bad Wolf" Reputation

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Ever since my best friends discovered and visited Howling Woods Farm, my mom and I made it a goal to go in the year 2018. We achieved that goal July 26, 2018 for my mom's birthday.

Located in Jackson NJ, Howling Woods Farms has a very clear mission: TO EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT TRUTH ON WOLVES. More specifically, according to their official website, Howling Woods Farm's mission is to:

1. provide on-site learning experience to dispel currently held myths about wolves.

2. Provide education and information to general public, governmental officials, and shelter operators for the ultimate benefit of wolves and wolfdogs.

3. Help with rescue and place abandoned or surrendered wolfdogs. (We do not breed nor do we encourage it)

4.Place each canine in an environment appropriate to its temperament and content.

5. Animals can go to homes, farms, sanctuaries or other destinations.

6. Maintain high standards for all placements, including spacious, secure outdoor containment, and the presence of canine companions and any necessary licensing.

On average, this farm gets 150 calls a day to make reservations, so the earlier you book, the better! You can ONLY book by phone. You can always cancel or reschedule, just make sure you do it in advance! Admission into the farm is free BUT they do ask for a minimum $20 donation per person, which goes directly to helping the wolves. Tours last 1 hour.

In this hour, you are brought to three different pens, each pen holding two wolves. Each wolf is mixed with wolf and another breed of dog. You learn about how each wolf was rescued, their personalities, eating habits, survival habits, and you learn about the myths and truths about wolves! One of the biggest things I took away from the tour was that wolves are practically scared of their own shadows! They aren't anything like what the folk tales or Hollywood movies say about them.

Thanks to the donations given by visitors, Howling Woods is able to pay for weekly vet check ups for every wolf, pay for any medications and food, and they are able to get them top training so that they are well trained enough to be able to walk amongst humans and take selfies and not be scared. The wolves at the farm are so sweet, and love coming up to visitors to get good scratchings and belly rubs! They always are rewarded with a treat for taking selfies with the visitors. They are so well trained, huge movie producers use them for their movies. The reason why you may not see these specific wolves in more wolf movies is because the farm refuses to have their wolves be used in movies that portray a bad light on wolves.

The farm's message is so beautiful and important, and visiting the farm has definitely educated me and opened my eyes to how amazing wolves really are. Even if you aren't a Jackson NJ local, it is totally worth the trip, and is about 10 minutes away from Six Flags!

I highly suggest that if you decide to make a reservation, I suggest you make it for the fall time, when the wolves are less hot and are more likely to come up to you and take more photos. No matter what time of year you go, you are guaranteed photos with the wolves, but the wolves are just more comfortable when its colder outside.


Also, I suggest being aware of the following clothing before visiting the farm:


  • Real or imitation fur

  • Down or ‘puffy’ jackets

  • Leather

  • Any apparel that has attachments which dangle

Open toed footwear and heels are not allowed inside the pens.

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