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Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge: Is It Worth it?

For those that have been following me on Instagram for a while, @RebeccaRuber, you may have seen my 14 day apple cider vinegar challenge. In this challenge, I took a shot of apple cider vinegar everyday, recorded my reaction, and encouraged my followers to join me. While I had a few people join me in this challenge, I had more people just asking me questions like, “Why are you doing this to yourself? What are the benefits?“

Well, here are the benefits and the main reasons why I started the apple cider vinegar challenge:

~ balances pH balance in the body

~ curbs appetite and helps in weight loss

~lowers blood pressure

~boosts energy

~ strengthens immune system

And these are just MY reasons for drinking shots of apple cider vinegar. There are so many other benefits including the strengthening of hair, helps with acne, reduces cholesterol, relieves muscle soreness, etc!

While I could’ve continued taking shots of ACV past 2 weeks, I found out the acidity in it isn’t the best for the stomach and for your teeth, so I decided to look for ACV alternatives and found the perfect product that gives me the same benefits as taking the shots AND has additional benefits: Goli ACV Gummies

Here are the benefits that Goli ACV Gummies have that regular ACV doesn’t:

~ infused with superfoods (pomegranate and beetroot)

~enriched with vitamins (B9 B12)

~safe for tooth enamel

~ good taste

~ yummy smell (yes they taste AND smell delicious)


If you are interested in trying Goli ACV gummies for yourself, click the link, and use code REBECCARUBER for 5% off!

If you decide to try them out, post your experience of trying Goli gummies on your social media and tag @goligummy & @rebeccaruber so I can share your post!

Stay happy & Stay Healthy!

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