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Fitness Apparel Spotlight: Move Beyond

Today's fitness apparel company that I am spotlighting is Move Beyond, based out of Delaware USA. I was recently sent some ADORABLE and EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE workout sets they sell on their website and I wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit about their company, what makes them stand out from the rest, and my experience with wearing their brand.

According to their website, they are ".... on a mission to get everyone moving, together. Because we believe there’s some truth to the old saying “strength in numbers.” Through research, they have learned that staying active with friends and loved ones keeps us happier, deepens our bonds, and helps us achieve our goals.

This brand has similar beliefs as I personally do, believing that working out is an invigorating experience and that moving the body is the best way to gain confidence, boost energy, and maintain a healthy life.

So with all that being said, they have created a wonderful fitness line that encourages people to go out, do things together, and build a community.

One major point I would like to make about this brand, that I believe makes them stand out compared to other competitors in the fitness apparel industry, is that they create comfortable and breathable clothing by blending SUSTAINABLE fabrics into their garments.

Their clothes are extremely flattering and fitted to boost your confidence, and not only will you feel good on the outside, but by wearing a brand that is good for the planet, you'll feel even better on the inside. And when we know what we’re wearing is good for the planet, it makes us feel better.

The SUSTAINABLE fabric they have implemented into their design is called MODAL, which is a semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp.Modal lasts longer than other fabrics — no creasing, no pilling, no shrinking. It provides superior flexibility and shape retention and feels silky-smooth to the touch. It really feels like you are wearing nothing! It is 100% breathable and 50% more water absorbent than cotton.

Other SUSTAINABLE factors of Move Beyond during their production include that their are less chemicals and 10-20 times less water used during production. They also use fiber reactive-dyes in their process, which is a low-impact dye that’s better for you and the planet than conventional dyes. The benefits of fiber reactive-dyes include that it contains no toxic compounds or heavy metal, has a 70% greater absorption rate, and less water is required in the rinse process.

Now, besides the fact that they use SUSTAINABLE fabrics to make their clothes, they also incorporate SUSTAINABLE practices into how they send their products to their consumers, which to me is MAJOR. To ship their products, they use 100% recycled boxes and eco-friendly papers.

When I opened my package, my items were packaged in a small red satin pouch. This small red satin pouch actually held the three sports bras, two shirts and 3 pants I received from them, which I thought was extremely impressive!

They choose to package their products in these bags because they are eco-friendly, and are resilient, reusable and recyclable.

On their website, they explain why they don't use plastic:

Agricultural Impact

Plastic waste in soil affects the absorption of nutrients and water, resulting in reduced crop fields.

Threats to Animals

267 species of marine life have suffered from litter entanglement. Plastic debris kills millions of seabirds and more than 100,000 marine mammals each year, according to the United Nations Environment Agency.

Difficult to Process

Household waste takes 200 years to degrade if they are landfilled. Plastic waste consumes a lot of resources and cannot easily be decomposed.

Harmful to Health

Disposable plastic bags are made from polyethylene and PVC raw materials containing plasticizers, phthalates and other environmental hormones. These materials are harmful to the human body, affecting reproductive health, immune system function and more.

Now, to MY experience wearing the Move Beyond brand. I received all the products in a size small and they all fit me TRUE TO SIZE. The colors are so pretty and the material is a rich material, but not thick, you can just tell it is good quality. Working out in quarantine is not very motivating, but when I tried on the blue workout set, I felt so cute and confident that I rushed down to my basement and did a butt-kicking AloMoves class! I didn't have to worry about having to fix my pants every few exercises and I was able to get though the workout SWEATY but COMFORTABLY.

Pictured Below, I am wearing their Cross Back Straps Bra, Crop Sweat T Shirt and High Rise Legging. (Not pictured below, they also sell super cute and comfortable biker shorts!)

Their clothing comes in a variety of colors including, Black, Grey, Blue, Pink, and Purple!

Move Beyond is a smaller business, but their prices are extremely affordable. Think about trying a new fitness/athleisure brand during this time, support small business and SHOP NOW, since everything is currently 50% off! (As of April 9,2020.)

Follow Move Beyond on Instagram @movebeyond_us and Follow Me @RebeccaRuber and Tag me in your new Move Beyond purchases!

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