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Fitness Apparel Spotlight: Yoga Democracy

Today's Fitness Apparel Spotlight is on Yoga Democracy. Yoga Democracy is a fitness apparel FEMALE OWNED company based out of the USA. It's important to note that Yoga Democracy does not just sell clothes for those that practice yoga, their outfits are suitable for any type of fitness activity you do! (Get a 20% Off Code at the bottom of this Article!)

Yoga Democracy was the first company I ever reached out to to work with, because their values aligned with mine. Not only are they a female owned company, which I always try supporting whenever I can, but their activewear is made from Post Consumer Plastic Bottles and Fishing Nets. Yes, you heard that right. Plastic Bottles and Fishing Nets.

"How do they do that," you may ask. Well, here is how they do it!

The process starts with PET bottles being shredded into flakes, which are then converted into pellets and melted down. That material is then spun into new polyester yarn which is used to create the recycled polyester that goes into the clothes Yoga Democracy creates.

Their supplier uses a type of yarn called ECONYL® to produce the nylon. That yarn comes from a process carried out by a company called Aquafil Spa which reforms fishing nets collected from the world's oceans, carpet fluff and other nylon containing material that would otherwise end up in landfill into new fabric.

Yoga Democracy is one of the very first US apparel companies to use fabric made with ECONYL® yarn.

Now you may be thinking, "Okay... so this is made from plastic bottles and fish netting. That does NOT sound like these clothes are comfortable to wear, let alone work out in!"

Let me tell you. THE PANTS ARE SOOOO SOFT. Of course, their sports bras are too, but I can't stop raving about the pants. They are silky smooth and definitely are not cheaply made. It as if each article of clothing was hand made with precise care.

And that is exactly how Yoga Democracy wants to make you feel. They do not produce their items out of a huge sweatshop, and in fact the small factory where Yoga Democracy apparel is created is the same building where their art, pattern making, marketing and fulfillment is. (Carefree, Arizona USA)

Like I have mentioned in previous articles, I find it important that companies who have certain values and/or beliefs should stay true throughout their whole business model, and Yoga Democracy is a prime example of that. The packaging I received for my two outfits and biker shorts sent to me by Yoga Democracy was sent to me, with each item packaged not in plastic, but in 100% recycled product. I was very happy with the presentation of my items.

I received the Bright Flight Sports Bra and Leggings which have butterflies printed on the red workout set. This is my favorite workout set to wear because the symbolic connection of butterflies to fitness in my eyes is beautiful and the print is extremely beautiful. Not to mention, these clothes fit TRUE TO SIZE and I had no issues with having to fix my pants or adjust my sports bra throughout my workout.

I also received the Groovy Girl Sports Bra and Bell Bottoms. To be honest with you, I was surprised when I received the bell bottoms, because that typically wouldn't be the first thing I would go for in the store, but as soon as I put them on I LOVED THEM. They show off my curves very nicely and the material is breathable, light, and I love meditating in this set.

While some might say the prices are a little high for fitness apparel, one must take into account the quality of the product as well as the ethics of the business. Yoga Democracy's production team wages well above minimum wage with paid holiday and a bright, comfortable and safe working environment. Remember, when you are buying Yoga Democracy, you aren't buying just a simple article of clothing. You are buying a true piece of ART, and you are supporting a company that puts it's employees and the environment FIRST.

Here are some photos of me rocking some of their looks, along with some of my personal faves from their line.

Check Out Yoga Democracy at and use code REBECCA for 20% OFF your purchase! Follow Yoga Democracy on Instagram @yoga_democracy and ME at @rebeccaruber and tag me in your new purchases!

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