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How to Maintain a Tan During Quarantine Time

Updated: May 5, 2020

We are close to 2 months of being in quarantine, and barely being outside equals a not-so-glowing Rebecca.

Having olive colored skin, I am pretty tan all year long, but during the not-so sunny times of the year, I like to get spray tanned by Glow Commando, a mobile spray tanning company in NJ/NYC.

BUTTTTTT, since we are all sheltered in place, I like to maintain my beauty routines my keeping my skin glowing on my own! Over the years, I have played around with different self tanners. While I have had some horror stories (aka looked like an Oompa Loompa) I have found some amazing self tanning products that you can use on your own, don't streak, and that can last up to a week!

In this article, I am going to break down each self tanner I like to use, and what it is best for:

Best Drug Store Self Tanner:

L'Oreal Paris Sublime Body Expertise Bronze Tinted Self Tanning Lotion

Price: $8.99

I have been using this self tanning lotion for YEARS. I use the medium tint, and after a couple of hours, you notice a golden glow! The smell is alright, but I suggest putting it on the night before and showering the next normal because it is very pigmented and does have a self tanner smell. It definitely doesn't streak, just make sure to wash your hands after if you are not wearing a glove, because it does dry quick!

Best Gradual DrugStore Self Tanner:

Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer Medium to Tan

Price: $9.00

Jergens has been a trusted name in the beauty industry for years, and it holds true to it's reputation with this product! This was the first self tanner I used in high school, and it is still my go to product when I am just looking to maintain my light glow. It is a great gradual tanner that I suggest beginners start out with. They offer different shades and no matter which one you pick, it is a gradual process, so you can stop whenever you have reached your desired tan. They have also changed the product up since I started using it and now it has a much nicer scent to it compared to some other brands.


Best Overall Self Tanner Brand:

St.Tropez Tan

Price: Varies from $16-44.00

If you are looking to invest in an AMAZING self tanning company, check out St.Tropez. They have a variety of products, catered all to tanner's needs. They also sell application mitts which I suggest purchasing as well. They are a very pigmented product as well, so a little goes a long way. Every product will leave you with amazing and glowing results after the first time, even the gradual tan products. They have a decent scent, products will last you a long time, and overall THE RESULT IS PHENOMENAL.

Best ORGANIC Self Tanner:

COOLA Organic Sunless Tan Firming Lotion

Price: $46.00

If you are looking for a GRADUAL golden glow that deeply moisturizes your skin at the same time, COOLA is the product for YOU! While this product is a little pricier than other tanning products, the end result leaves a very beautiful and naturally looking tan, and the Baobab Oil and Shea Butter leaves your skin even better than before. Not to mention, if you are a huge believer in eco-friendly/vegan/ organic products, COOLA sunless tan firming lotion is ALL OF THAT. Yeah, it is pretty freakin awesome.

Fastest Result Self Tanner:

MineTan Coconut Tanning Foam with Application Mitt

Price: $30

I received this tanner from my mom around Christmas Time 2 years ago and I was very curious about trying it because I had never heard of the brand. THIS STUFF WORKS!! I love that it comes with an application mitt as well, and the products are SUPER pigmented so use SPARINGLY. The first time I tried this product, I put WAY too much on, and had to shower it off soon after, but as soon as I did, it left me with a beautiful and natural glow that lasted almost a WEEK. It is definitely worth the money, because you don't need much to get a beautiful glow, so this product will last you a long time.

Best Spray Self Tanner:

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Body MakeUp Spray

Price: $11.79

If you are looking for just a quick and easy glow, this spray tan is your go to! Found in most stores, it is affordable, easy to apply and your glow can be seen about an hour after application. You don't have to spray a lot, spray 6 inches away from where you are looking to tan, and make sure you are spraying EVENLY. This is a pigmented product and you don't want patches! This is not the longest lasting product, but it is good for a special event (you know, after quarantine purposes) or you want to take a picture DURING quarantine put don't people thinking you caught Casper on camera.

Thanks for reading my article, and if you have tanning products you would like me to try and review, email me at and don't forget to follow me on IG and TikTok @rebeccaruber and LIKE my Facebook Page Rebecca Ruber.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

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