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The Best Tool To Organize Your Goals

Studies have shown that physically writing things down helps improve your memory. You are more likely to accomplish your daily goals if you have a checklist written out and ready to be checkmarked.

You may ask, "Well, why don't you use write it down on your phone or laptop?" Well according to,

"The laptop seems like a perfect tool for taking notes. After all, most people can type faster than they can write and thus should be able to capture more of what's being said with less effort. Yet therein lies the problem. As it turns out, note taking isn't supposed to be easy—nor a transcription of classroom discourse. It's more important that learners actively engage in learning by considering the essence of what a speaker is saying and including that essence in their notes.

Recently, a team of researchers (Mueller & Oppenheimer, 2014) assessed whether Princeton University students comprehended and retained more information in lecture-based learning when taking notes by hand or by computer. Here's the key takeaway:

[L]aptop use can negatively affect performance on educational assessments, even—or perhaps especially—when the computer is used for its intended function of easier note taking. Although more notes are beneficial, at least to a point, if the notes are taken indiscriminately or by mindlessly transcribing content, as is more likely the case on a laptop than when notes are taken longhand, the benefit disappears. … [D]espite their growing popularity, laptops may be doing more harm in classrooms than good.

In short, students ought to shut their laptops and write stuff down.

At issue here seems to be something cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham (2003) has noted: "students remember … what they think about." For students who are efficient typists, laptops may make it easy to mindlessly record what they hear, instead of thinking about what they're learning, mentally connecting dots and focusing on what's most important. Moreover, digital devices may tempt students to think about other things besides learning, like formatting or messages from friends."

If you lead a busy lifestyle, it is important you write down everything you want to accomplish, not only on a daily basis, but a weekly and monthly one as well.

Yes, a regular planner you can find on Amazon or HomeGoods will help you out somewhat, but it won't exercise your brain to your full potential while holding you accountable for completing your goals.

Everyone has a different brain type, so the way people think and the way people go about organizing their goals are different. Some people are better at it than others. Some people don't have the necessary tools to help them achieve their goals consistently.

That is where the Project Evo comes into play.

When you order your planner, you first take a BRAIN TYPE QUIZ. These questions you answer will help establish whether you are an alchemist, oracle, explorer, or architect brain type. Once you are given your results, you will receive a personalized Project Evo Planner based on your brain type, that is created to help assist you achieve your daily/weekly/monthly goals to its fullest extent.

The Founders of Project Evo have been interviewed by Forbes saying,

“We wanted to do more than write a book, or even make a planner. We want to shatter the convention of happiness and success and help people find meaning and fulfillment. The best place to start is where people spend most of their time, at work.”

I can personally say since using my Project Evo Oracle Planner, I have definitely noticed a positive change in my work ethic. I am more focused, I get most to all my checkmarks done daily, and if I don't get them completed in the day, they are definitely achieved by the end of the week. The exercises in the planner make me think about every Goal I have and helps me prioritize my time by making me write down what time I finished my written goal down. I have noticed I have become more organization, more focused, more self aware, and have been growing financially as well!

Definitely take your brain type test FOR FREE at ProjectEvo.Org, purchase your planner and tag me with your planner @REBECCARUBER!

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