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Workout With These Online Streaming Workout Classes

While all of us are being quarantined away from our work, away from big gatherings, we are mostly stuck to our homes. While watching Netflix and eating our stockpile of food can sound relaxing, eventually you're going to want to start get up and moving.

While I still will always encourage going outside for a walk or run on a trail or going to the park to get to get some fresh air and do some full body workouts, some of us don't have the knowledge or confidence to do a workout routine on our own. The benefits of doing group exercise classes is that you have someone telling you what to do and motivating you through that hour. Some people don't like group exercises classes because they don't like to workout around other people. But, there are some awesome workout alternatives that give you the bets of both worlds: Having a group class instructor but with no one watching you.... LIVE STREAMING.

Live Streaming is watching the instructor direct the class online LIVE, through a laptop or smart phone.

In this article, I am going to list some of the best classes you can LIVE STREAM now:

1) JaneDo:

According to the website, Jane DO is a fitness brand crafted by former Radio City Rockettes Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo. Knowing firsthand that it takes a comprehensive cross training regime to be the most powerful version of yourself, they developed a workout that offers variety and caters to every woman. Jane DO has women reaching new levels of strength and confidence in the studio so they can take it outside the studio and DO incredible things.

Jane DO delivers musically charged, energy driven, cross training workouts designed for women by women. Five unique classes fuse aerobics, strength training, and flexibility to provide the variety women need to DO it all. All classes are 50 minute, total body workouts designed to LIFT your A$$ and your SPIRIT.

Fed up with fitness stereotypes that revolve around perfection, Jane DO is redefining the word healthy. Jane DO believes in something bigger where women measure success by confidence, not inches or pounds. Jane DO is on a quest to create the largest community of the world’s most powerful women.


TRAIN JANE This TOTAL BODY WORKOUT couples high intensity interval training (HIIT) with steady state cardio to foster the most powerful version of yourself. Be a bada$$ with a great a$$! DANCE YOUR A** OFF Dance you’re a** off, literally! Our DANCE CARDIO class rotates high and low impact sport and dance routines fused with strength training increments. Lose yourself to dance as you burn calories, increase your metabolism and have fun doing it. GET LIFTED You won’t get off easy without putting in the work. This total body SCULPTING class is high energy and low impact. Resistance training is coupled with body weight exercises to create the perfect companion to our Dance Your A$$ Off & Tramp Stamp classes.

TRAMP STAMP Bounce yourself into shape with our TRAMPOLINE class.  This low impact workout will firm and tone your entire body as you increase energy, circulation and vitality. Space is limited, pre-registration is recommended. STEP IT UP Step up to the challenge and get the results you deserve. Our CARDIO STEP class combines low and high impact routines with strength and conditioning exercises.


You can do a one week free trial, and after you can either pay $9.99 a month of $99.00 a year.

2) Bar Method

The mission of Bar Method, according to their website, " to empower women to be the best version of themselves by creating highly efficient, full-body workouts that build inner and outer strength, grace and poise."

The Bar Method technique stands apart because it is safe, smart and personal. It was created under the guidance of physical therapists to ensure it is safe and effective for students spanning a wide range of abilities including those with physical limitations and injuries. Unlike other barre workouts, our instructors undergo a lengthy and rigorous training that includes lessons of anatomy and hands-on adjustments. Annual certification exams ensure the highest standards are upheld across the entire teaching community. Students receive personalized adjustments, modifications and encouragement to get the most out of every workout. It’s a workout that is safe and sustainable for life!

The Bar Method targets all major muscle groups, alternating between the front and the back of the body. The unique exercises keep students working long and intensely enough to transform and sculpt the muscles. Active and passive stretching follows each exercise to create a graceful, dancer-like body that is at the same time lean and defined. Students in their 20s see the results, just as much as our students in the their 70s!

What's Included in the Bar Method Online Videos:

Members get unlimited access to a library of Bar Online classes that range in length from 15 to 60 minutes. You can choose from a variety of top instructors across various Bar Method studios; stick with your favorite or try a new one to mix it up! The engaging instructors will motivate and inspire you with creative and challenging sequences , while ensuring that all exercises are safe and effective.

These workouts sculpt your entire body while burning calories to boost your metabolism. A quick warm up is followed by weights and push-ups to define your arms and shoulders. Endless variations of their signature moves tone and shape your legs and seat to give you long, lean muscles and a dancer’s body. Floor work strengthens your core and increases stamina so you feel strong from the inside out. Classes incorporate a few simple props such as a barre, weights, mats and a ball; you can easily substitute those with a sturdy chair, firm pillows and a towel instead.

PRICES: You can do a 14 day free trial and if you like it, you can pay for the following subscriptions:







3) Home Power Yoga NJ

This NJ yoga studio's mission is, "To leave people knowing that anything is possible on their mats and in their lives. To empower people to live their best lives. To create a community of belonging through a practice that is accessible to anyone. To stand for each other’s greatness. To be a community that feels like FAMILY and a studio that feels like HOME."

Here are some of the classes Home Power Yoga offer:

  1. Power Yoga Inspired by Baron Baptiste’s Journey Into Power sequence, this sweaty class is both challenging and accessible for all levels. You will leave feeling empowered, energized and awake!

  2. Power Yoga 45 Our signature Power Yoga class geared toward those with full schedules. Get what you need in 45 minutes!

  3. Power Yoga Foundation Move slower and break down the poses in this class. Focus on the alignment of foundational poses, and discover the power of vinyasa yoga. For both new and seasoned practitioners.

  4. Power Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Join our supportive community of HOMEgrown mamas and take time to connect to your baby and/or yourself as you move through a nourishing and empowering yoga practice. Poses and breathing exercises are designed to address the many changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

  5. Power Yoga + Stretch Half Baptiste-inspired flow and half deep stretch


LiveStream Special: $89 for two weeks unlimited

4) AKT GO:

AKT is a dance based cardio fitness and wellness brand, fueled by positivity and a combination of personal training, and movement-based technique.


Classes Offered:

  1. DANCE DANCE + TONE + INTERVALS This class alternates between choreographed dance sections and short strength intervals, putting your muscle and cardio endurance to the test! We methodically break down each step to make sure you learn the entire dance by the end of the class. Burn out every muscle and leave feeling elated after this high-energy interval workout.

  2. BANDS BOX + BANDS + INTERVALS In this class you'll get your heart rate up, with extra support and buoyancy, as you perform some of your favorite sports based exercises with the stability of a box. Alternating between functional cardio and longer strength intervals, this workout will challenge your body on all planes of motion, as you focus on balance, agility, and the full body conditioning.

  3. TONE TONE + CONDITION + RECOVER In this workout, we pair full-body strength with smaller isolated contractions to burn out large and intrinsic muscles on every plane of motion. Finish class with a guided foam roll section to actively release the burn and aid in recovery before your next workout.

  4. CIRCUIT CARDIO + STRENGTH + CIRCUITS This is our full body circuit training class. Build lean muscle mass by combining plyometric full body power exercises, with medium weight compound strength movements in 30 second and 15 second intervals.


You can stream online, via, and check out some of their free workouts.

If you would like more options, you can check out, where they offer a 7 day free trial, and then you pay $35.00 a month.

This option gives you the following:

7 day free trial

AKT On Demand Workout and Wellness Library

Advanced Workout Series

Beginner Workout Series

A Complimentary 15 Min Trainer Consult

They also offer RENTALS, where for $10 you have access to different classes for 30 days.

Here are the following options:

10-DAY INTENSIVE The best of Anna’s Program at your fingertips, delivered with passion that only the AKTeam can bring. Feel the difference and see the results in just 4 workouts. DANCE SERIES This one-month rental focuses on Anna’s signature Dance workout. The DANCE SERIES includes two (2) class specific workouts and then changes it up on the 1st day of the following month. SWEET DREAMS SERIES This one-month rental focuses on Anna’s signature Sweat workout. The SWEAT SERIES includes two (2) class specific workouts and then changes it up on the 1st day of the following month.

There are also CUSTOM Workouts Offered:

  1. AKTRANSFORMAKT is bringing its results-driven 8-week Transformation program to On Demand. It’s hands down the best way to start or take your AKT journey to the next level. 15 MIN PROGRAM CONSULT As you continue your journey, we recommend regular consultations/check-ins to serve as an effective motivational tool and help you to set realistic goals.

  2. 30 MIN LIVE TRAINING SESSIONAKT ON DEMAND Private Training program is the BEST way to experience Anna’s technique and the quickest and safest way to reach your personal goals.

  3. 30 MIN LIVE NUTRITION SESSION AKT On Demand Nutrition are individualized programs based on your fitness goals and health needs. The initial health consultation will help determine what is right for you.

5) Obe Fitness:

The Classes:

  1. SWEAT | Cardio based classesDANCE is follow-along dance cardio designed to elevate your heart rate, enhance your coordination and increase your stamina.HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) takes you through quick, intense cardio bursts followed by short recovery periods, allowing you to burn more fat in less time.DANCE HIIT combines low intensity movements from our signature dance classes and infuses them with high-intensity circuits from our HIIT workouts.CARDIO BOXING combines boxing techniques with high-intensity cardio training for a full-body workout.DANCE CHOREO classes teach you pop and hip-hop dance routines from some of NYC’s hottest choreographers (45 minutes).BOUNCE is a high-intensity, low-impact trampoline-based workout that will help you improve your strength, agility, and balance.

  2. DEFINE | Strength based classesSCULPT focuses on toning, lengthening and sculpting your body with sequences aimed at fatiguing each muscle group.PILATES focuses on building core strength and stability.STRENGTH focuses on full-body dynamic, functional movements.POWER takes our signature Strength class up a notch with heavier weights.BARRE focuses on building strength and endurance while combining elements of yoga, Ballet, and mat Pilates.

  3. FLOW | Yoga & StretchYOGA is composed of vinyasa flows designed to build heat, loosen your muscles and build strength (45 minutes).YOGA SCULPT focuses on stretching while also building strength and toning using light hand weights.RESTORATIVE STRETCH grab a bolster (or pillow/couch cushion), blocks if you have them and allow yourself to unwind.

Classes OBE Recommends:

  1. Beginner: If you’re new to working out on a regular basis, we recommend lower intensity workouts and Express classes to ease you in. After a few weeks of these classes, you should be ready to hop into our intermediate classes. ── Express Classes ── Low-Impact Classes Intermediate: If you’re in this category, you should be able to perform challenging exercises with proper knowledge of form, modifications, and understand a variety of workout styles to suit your goals. ── Cardio Boxing Classes ── Pilates Classes ── Dance HIIT Classes ── Dance Cardio Classes ── Sculpt Classes ── Strength Classes Advanced: If you’re in this category you’re ready to push your body to the max to increase power, speed, and intensity to achieve maximum results.Level up our signature intermediate classes with resistance bands, ankle weights, and sliders. ── HIIT Classes ── Power Classes


You can start a free trial, and if you like it, sign up for a monthly subscription!

6) Alo

According to Alo's Website, "We are relentless about making the best yoga clothing in the world explicitly to inspire yogis (and yogis to be) to have more yoga in their life. Inspiring mindful movement is at the core of why we do what we do at Alo—it’s our calling. Because mindful movement leads to better living. This is the real meaning of studio-to-street: Taking the consciousness from practice on the mat and putting it into the practice of life."

Not only do they have an amazing clothing line, but they also have amazing online classes!


Thousands of videos—workshop-level yoga series and awesome single classes. Taught by the world’s most exceptional teachers.

Power yoga, handstand workshops, meditation and everything in between. On 3 platforms—phone, tablet & web.

New classes and workshop series added daily.

What I love about this brand is that they have SOOOO many video class options, you can see all their options here,


You can try out a free 2 week trial, and after that, it is $20 a month or $17 a month for a year!

Hope you all get a chance to try at least one of these workout platforms and let me know what you think! Stay safe, practice social distancing and WASH YOUR HANDS!

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