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CandyTopia Hits the BIG APPLE!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Good News to all my NYC Candy Lovers..... CANDYTOPIA IS FINALLY HERE! Candytopia, originally starting in California, has now added another location on W 32nd Street in Manhattan, NY. Candytopia is a 21st Century spin on Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Every room you step into introduces you to a new brightly themed room and new candies for you to try.

Mike and I attended to Candytopia Launch Party August 13, 2018, and let me tell you.. this was one of my favorite exhibits I have visited. You enter the exhibit through the birth canal... I am not going to give it away but.... that should help somewhat explain what you'll have to do to actually enter Candytopia. Let's just say, for those who are claustrophobic, you may want to ask an employee of the exhibit for an alternative way of getting in.

You then enter to a huge Cantytopia sign, where many take their first photo op shot!

From that room, you are brought into a very colorful room with fake grass that has brightly colored machines, a Katy Perry wax figure, and a cute yellow swing to take cute Boomerangs on!

You are then brought into a neon colored hallway, which leads you to a room that resembles a museum.

The only difference between this exhibit and most museums is that they ENCOURAGE you to touch the art! This part of the exhibit has pictures on the walls of famous celebrities, all made from candy! I definitely suggest taking pics with your favorite celebrity pic!

Also in the room is a throne to take cool #Boss photos on, and a very intricate Statue of Liberty Candy Statue.

The fact that different colors and shapes of candy created all the beautiful pieces of art in this exhibit absolutely amazed Mike and I. Each piece of artwork also labels how many hours it took to create as well as how many grams of sugar make up the pieces of art.... let's just say it's a lot.

You then move into an ocean themed room, where the walls were designed like you were at the bottom of the ocean. Candy sculptures of sharks, stingrays and scuba divers decorate the room. Absolutely insane.

You are then brought into a room that is Trolli themed. You can take cute boomerangs on their spinning platform as workers blast confetti at you to give you the coolest effect!

Next, you are sent to a room with a few attractions! This first includes a crazy colored corner, that gives the illusion of a sink hole on the floor. It is the perfect place to take pictures of you being silly with friends, pretending to fall or pretending to be pushed into the hole.

The next attraction in the room was the 100 emoji swing. Another perfect Boomerang moment.

The final attraction in this room is the huge blue and pink beach balls in the cloud wall/floor corner of the room! This also calls for a cute Boomerang of you and/or you and a friend playing with the oversized CandyTopia beach balls.

But of course, they saved the best room for last. This room was the marshmallow pool. Yeah, that's right. A MARSHMALLOW POOL. Now of course they were not real marshmallows, but they were so soft, you can jump right in, and you were safe and secure. I took this time to lay and relax for a minutes before I proceeded to take tons of pics of me laying in the marshmallows and Boomerangs of me falling into the pool. The pool was huge and everyone had room to have their own personal space, which was nice. I do suggest that you leave all your personal belongings in the cubby holes they provide, because you WILL lose them in that pool. I saw two people who lost their phone AND keys in there.

What I loved about this exhibit is that they spaced everything out very nicely, so not everyone was crowding one certain area. The pieces of art themselves were absolutely breathtaking, and it is amazing to see how talented people are. They also had a really cool feature in this exhibit that I have never seen before. Before you start the tour, they ask if you want to put your name email and phone number, and they give you a barcode for the day. At all the attractions there were stations which you scan the barcode at, and in 10 seconds a camera takes your picture and saves it to your account, so that by the end of the tour, you have all your pictures sent to your email. It is so much easier than carrying a camera, and the quality of the photos was great as well.

I suggest this tour to people of all ages, especially families with young kids. The young kids will love the marshmallow pool and candies, and the adults will love all the cool photo ops and crazy pieces of candy art throughout the whole exhibit.

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