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CycleBar: Wyckoff, NJ

CycleBar was founded in 2004 by Bill Pryor and his sister, Alex Klemmer. The company bills itself as the first and only premier indoor cycling franchise. The location I am going to be talking about is the Wyckoff NJ location, because this is my FAVORITE CycleBar location.

To give you guys a better idea on what CycleBar even is, according to their website, "CycleBar exists to invigorate. Our riders come to feel alive. To live in the moment, and live for themselves. Because they know whether they ride the best in class or are just starting out, regardless of their outfit—it’s their tribe.

We are driven by music. Not swayed by fads. Never a follower. Always accepting. A little bit of a rebel. A lot of heart."

Some awesome features at CycleBar include CYCLESTARS, CycleBeats and CycleStats.

Cycle Stars are equal parts educator, coach, coach, motivator, and a friend; their CycleStar instructors will help you improve your performance, reach your goals, and change your life one ride at a time.

CYCLEBEATS are their proprietary,playlist database bringing pedal-turning, heart-pumping, mood-elevating fun every single time you ride.

CYCLESTATS measures the six key metrics of your daily and historical performance and emails you the result after each ride to help track towards your fitness goal. (This is by far my favorite feature of this company, it keeps to motivated and pushes you to do more!)

Now let's get back to MY experience at CycleBar Wyckoff. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by the warm smiles of the front desk team including Pedro, who is so helpful and will do whatever you need to help you feel comfortable and happy with your CycleBar experience, and your cycling instructor, who gets you pumped up for the upcoming class.

When you sign in through the CycleBar App, you put in what bike you would like to ride on as well as your shoe size, so as soon as you walk in, you go to one of the tablets, log yourself in, get your cycling shoes which are in the numbered cubbies (numbered by what bike you are) and then put all your belongings, yes that includes your phone, into the locker, put your own combination on the lock, and walk right into the studio!

The studio is so cool, with three rows of bikes, and usually has the lights off with the exception of the red lights illuminating off the bikes and the lights spotlighting the instructor in front of the class.

To be honest, it is always so hard for me to click my cycling shoes into place, but the instructors and front desk people are sooooo helpful and will show you how to do it, and help adjust the height of the bike. I would suggest getting there 10 minutes early so you have time to prep.

What is really cool about CycleBar is that they offer different types of cycling classes at different times with different instructors and even different themes of music.

Here are a few of the classes CycleBar has to offer:

I specifically took the 45 minute classic cycle class at 9:30AM with Lindsay, who absolutely WHOOPED MY ASS. She pushes every single cyclist, gives positive reinforcement by name, and makes the class intense but fun by creating races where you see everyone's name on the screen and the harder you go, the higher up on the list you go. She also reminds us that we are a TEAM, we are all working hard together, so she puts up calorie burn, RPMs and Power Points for the WHOLE CLASS. She also speaks motivational words during the class, which really puts me in a calm and happy mood.

This cycling workout is great for those looking to increase their cardio but may have knee or back issues that don't allow them to run or other forms of cardio, as well as for those who are just looking to change up their workout routine.

When you go to CycleBar you will notice the diversity on the people attending the classes, which is an absolute beautiful thing to see. You see people form friendships over this company, and you see people whose lives have changed since joining CycleBar.

If you are interested in trying out CycleBar in Wyckoff NJ, download the CycleBar app on your smart phone App Store, create a log in, type in Wyckoff in the location, and check out the different packages and memberships you can purchase. Don't forget to let them know you heard it through ME! If you have any questions in regards to CycleBar, feel free to DM me on Instagram @rebeccaruber or @cyclebarwyckoff and don't forget to follow us both! Can't wait to see you at the next CycleBar class!

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